What Happens After Gynecomastia Surgery

| Q&A with Dr Hassan Nurein

Q&A with Dr. Hassan Nurein About

What Happens After Gynecomastia Surgery

In this video, Dr. Nurein answers most common questions about what happens after gynecomastia surgery at our clinic on Harley Street, London:

1. How long does Gynecomastia recovery take and how long can I resume work and exercise? min 00:19

2. Do you use drains for Gynecomastia surgery? min 2:44

3. Can the Gynecomastia gland grow back? min 3:08

4. Do you do revision surgery? min 4:24

5. How will the scar heal after Gynecomastia surgery? min 5:1

6. What is the scarring like after Gynecomastia surgery? min 6:02

7. What is the patient journey for Gynecomastia surgery? min 7:41

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