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"Dr Nurein takes immense pride in his work and it shows. This is my second visit for gynocomastia and on both occasions the process was simple, efficient, well managed and supportive. The results are better than anticipated and the aftercare is spot on. It has changed my life and I will be forever grateful to Dr Nurein and his team. Everyone from reception through to surgery was professional and friendly. Highly recommend."

- Adam Coope, Trustpilot

''Incredible service and support from the team. Couldn't recommend Dr Nurein enough and glad I did my research beforehand and found them online! Everything from the consultation through till now in the post-op aftercare phase has been effortless and a very comforting journey. Already feeling confident and like a new person after my first sneak peak of the results!''

- Reece Belton, Trustpilot

"Very happy Having suffered with gynecomastia since my teenage years, in trying multiple diets/exercise fads in an attempt rectify the situation - I had still been left with gland tissue and subsequent puffy nipples. After a lot of online research, and attending the consultation with Dr Nurien I felt motivated and confident to go ahead with the surgery. Communication was prompt and efficient with his staff. Dr Nurien provided a professional and genuine service, with a friendly and personable team, all of whom put at at ease throughout the build up/procedure [in particular nurse Aga was amazing, and helped to calm my nerves] The only pain experienced was whilst local anaesthetic was injected. I suffered with some dull chest muscle aching in following days (not unbearable) and was able to manage with just paracetamol. At 6 days post surgery the wounds are healing well. Very minimal bruising, the stitches are neat, no blood/discharge from incision site, slight swelling [anticipated this and was advised by Dr Nurien]. Overall I would definitely recommend, I am incredibly happy with the result so far, my only regret is that I had not undergone the surgery sooner! Thank you Dr Nurien and the team!" 

- Karl Fry, Trustpilot

"Super impressed with the whole service delivered. Ive had a very good recovery with Zero pain and swelling post Op, and hardly any bruising. My chest looked better instantly after the procedure.  

Big thanks to the Team involved. " 

- Greg Caetano, Trustpilot

"My experience with Dr Nurein and his team was truly amazing. I decided to have the surgery after a lot of research. Everything went well the day of the procedure and the staff were friendly and helpful. I could see results immediately after everything was done. There was minor pain for a few seconds in the beginning but once the local anesthesia kicked in it was smooth sailing. Once I got home I slept for the rest of the day and by the next day I was walking around. I didn't have pain just muscle soreness in the chest area. I could contact the clinic if I had any concerns. Today I had my follow up appointment(10 days after) and all is going well. I'm healing nicely and my confidence level has improved a lot. I am still wearing the compression garment and have also noticed my posture is improving. I can't recommend Dr Nurein enough! This procedure was a great gift to myself for my 30th birthday!!! GOODBYE GYNECOMASTIA! " 

- Richard, Trustpilot

"Corrective Surgery = fantastic result! So I had surgery around 3 years ago at transform for gyno. From day 1 I was never happy with the results and after being fobbed off by then decided to try a true specialist in this area. After reasearching I came across dr nurein so attended a free consultation in Sheffield. I left there knowing this guy was good! I was that excited I travelled to the London clinic last Wednesday for the procedure. I have to say that the whole team are fantastic, and provide you with confidence in what they do. During surgery I experienced pain, this was not due to anything the team were doing but scare tissue from The previous operation. Dr nurein provided more local anesthetic to help With this and continually asked if I was ok. Once the initial lumps were removed this subsided. He’s a true professional and - week in 1 can already see vast imrovement to the aesthetics of my chest! It’s taken me 40 years but am truly thankful and would after a terrible experience with the last surgeon, I can’t recomend dr nurein and his team enough! Don’t doubt and book! You will change your life and are genuinely in safe hands. Thanks team... best wishes"

- Ryan, Trustpilot

"Dr nurein gynecomastia surgery Dr nurein & his staff are really professional, amazing at their jobs & putting you at ease during the whole process. I myself suffered with gynecomastia, but I had a rare case where my glands were also very painful and even little things like having a cuddle of my daughter caused me pain. I did the usual male thing and put it of and lived with it, until finally I’d had enough. It’s one of the best decision I’ve ever made. My surgery was preformed at their Sheffield branch in October 2018 and I had no surgery or recovery problems what so ever & have made a full recovery & can’t thank Dr Nurein & his team enough for something that is so minor and every day to them but has been so life changing to myself & cant recommend & thankyou enough. Thankyou Darren from S-O-T"

- Darren, Trustpilot

"Dr Nurein is truly changing people's lives for the better ! His expertise and skills in the area of Gynecomastia is truly second to none. I found the process (i.e consultation, surgery and aftercare) very person centred/ oriented and I felt really valued and respected. The procedure went really well and I am very pleased with the results. I would like to express my gratitude to Dr Nurein and his team for giving me a new lease of life and a brighter outlook for the future. I would highly recommend Dr Nurein !"

- Anthony, Trustpilot

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