Why man boobs is nothing to be ashamed about

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Why man boobs is nothing to be ashamed about

Gynecomastia, commonly known as man boobs, affects up to 65% of the male population, affecting teenage boys and middle age men. Most people living with the condition hide it from friends and family, and feel ashamed because of it.

Here’s why gynecomastia, also known as man boobs, is nothing to be ashamed about

1.It affects up to 65% of the male population

Gynecomastia is much more common than believed, but barely publicised as men who suffer from it usually keep it a secret. However, treatment for the condition dates as far back as the 17th century.

According to NHS, the most common causes for man boobs are:

  • Puberty
  • Hormonal imbalance (higher levels of oestrogen)
  • Older age (the body produces less testesterone)
  • Obesity (however, it’s not the fat that causes breast enlargement, but the level of oestrogen in the body)
  • Drug use (side effects from prescription medicine or illegal drugs)
  • Underlying health issues (liver or kidney failure, Klinefelter’s syndrome)

It’s very important to find out what causes gynecomastia before starting a treatment.

2. Teenage boys and gynecomastia

In young boys, during puberty, man boobs is caused by hormonal imbalances, as the levels of oestrogen and testosterone fluctuate. In most causes, the hormones stabilise themselves and the excess breast tissue disappears in time.

Here, we advise that you first see your GP and then consult a specialised surgeon. The gynecomastia specialist will be able to monitor the condition’s development, control it with medication and advise if further treatment is necessary.

3. It’s not fat, is glandular tissue

One of the most common causes why men take extreme measure with gynecomastia is because they believe it’s overweight. Whilst obesity can cause gynecomastia, it’s not the actual fat that enlarges the breast tissue, but the hormonal imbalance.

Therefore, extreme weight loss plans and medication will not treat man boobs.

4. Sometimes, man boobs is a genetic condition

Genetic gynecomastia is caused by a rare disorder called Klinefelter’s syndrome. Men that are born with this condition carry an extra X chromosome. Klinefelter affects 1 in every 660 males.

5. It’s treatable

The most important reason why you shouldn’t be ashamed of man boobs is because you can treat it. Your gynecomastia treatment options include:

  • Hormonal medication (which will adjust the balance of oestrogen and testesterone)
  • Male breast reduction surgery (which will remove the excess breast tissue)

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