Gynecomastia Surgery With VASER Liposuction | Dr Hassan Nurein on Harley Street, London


VASER liposuction is liposuction using VASER technology. The ultrasound emits pulses of energy that when encounters fat, it liquefies or melts” it without damaging the surrounding tissue.

I like it because I'm trained in high definition sculpting and it helps me achieve the desired contours in the chest.
VASER liposuction also allows me to reduce the recovery downtime of patients, reduce the risk of complications like bleeding, irregularity and minimise bruising. It also allows for quicker surgery.

Not all patients need VASER liposuction. However, depending on the individual case of the patient, both liposuction and gland excision may be needed to achieve the desired results. VASER is just a tool that helps me achieve a good result.

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