Can gynecomastia disappear on its own?

One of the most frequent questions our surgeon, Dr. Hassan Nurein, gets during consultations is: “Can gynecomastia disappear on its own?”  

The short answer is yes, it can, but it very unlikely, especially if it didn’t disappear after puberty. A few other factors can influence whether or not enlarged male breasts can return to normal on their own.

What caused gynecomastia?

What caused gynecomastia to develop in the first place will have a direct impact on whether or not it can disappear on its own.  

If the development of your gynecomastia is drug associated, there is a chance that the breast tissue could return to its natural shape after you’ve stopped consuming the drugs. Anabolic steroids use is a common cause of gynecomastia.  

If the cause is a hormonal balance, caused by puberty, there is a high chance that gynecomastia will disappear on its ownafter the age of 19. This is why we don’t treat patients under 18, and we advise them to wait before seeking surgical intervention.

Is there an age limit for gynecomastia to subside naturally?

This depends on the type of gynecomastia you have. If it’s developmental, age is important, and the younger you are, the more chances you have for the condition to resolve on its own.  

Based on our experience and knowledge, if it hasn’t disappeared on its own by 16, it probably won’t at all. However, we always recommend that you wait until 19 years old before you seek medical treatment.  

Meanwhile, you can visit your GP and monitor the development of your gynecomastia.

What treatment options do I have if gynecomastia doesn't disappear naturally?

Very rarely does gynecomastia disappear on its own. In most cases, surgery is the only solution. During gynecomastia surgery, different techniques can be used, such as liposuction and gland excision, or both.  

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Gynecomastia Consultation

To find out if your type of gynecomastia disappears on its own or needs surgery, we advise you seek a professional opinion, first from your GP and then from a gynecomastia specialist.  

You can book a free gynecomastia consultation with our surgeon, Dr. Hassan Nurein. We will help you diagnose if you do have gynecomastia and advise you on the best course of treatment.  

We can see you at our clinics in London and Sheffield, or you can start with an initial video consultation.

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