What to expect from a gynecomastia surgery?

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What to expect from a gynecomastia surgery?

Gynecomastia affects a third of the male population. The condition itself does not propose a serious health threat (unless it’s connected to male breast cancer) but it does have a very strong emotional affect on the patient.

That’s why a gynecomastia surgery is a personal and delicate procedure. The surgeon will walk you through all the details and what to expect your first consultation.

Types of Gynecomastia Surgery Procedures

There are 2 main types of male breast reduction procedures:

  • Liposuction
  • Excision

The choice of treatment is highly personalised to the patient’s underlying condition (what caused breast enlargement), preference and desired results. In some occasions, a combination of liposuction and excision is needed.

With the liposuction method, the surgeon will remove the excess fat around the breast tissue. The excision method is used to remove excess skin and glandular tissue.

The Gynecomastia Surgery Timeline

Gynecomastia is an outpatient surgery, which means that you can wake up, go to the clinic to have the procedures done and come back home to sleep in your own bed. This alone makes the experience very comfortable.

One the day of your gynecomastia surgery:

You will be administrated a local anaesthesia or sedation. In rare occasions, general anaesthesia can be applied. The surgery takes approximately 2 hours.

After the procedure, you will spend some time in recovery, where the surgeon will closely monitor you. You will be released home once the surgeon is happy with your recovery development.

For your comfort, wear lose clothing on the day.

Male Breast Reduction After Care

Most likely, your chest will be bandaged for the first 3 years post surgery. You may also need to wear a surgical drain. Your surgeon will recommend resting for a couple of days, as you might experience some pain once the anaesthesia wears off. It usually takes about 1 week until you can return to work.

Post gynecomastia surgery, you’ll have regular checkups with your surgeon. You can expect to fully recover and see the surgery results within 3  months.

Discuss Gynecomastia With A Surgeon

If you have questions about gynecomastia surgery methods, book a free consultation directly with the surgeon.

Call: 0800 7765395

WhatsApp: 0785 5565558

Email: enquires@ukgynecomastia.co.uk.

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