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  • I had surgery with Dr Nurein on Wednesday (27/06/2018) and I am now 6 days post surgery and can say I have had no problems so far. When looking to get the surgery I spent a long time researching surgeons and also contemplated going abroad – I am happy I did not do this as there are too many bad reviews. Dr Nurein came up frequently and for the UK is reasonably priced and in my opinion it is clear he is an absolute expert. After speaking to Dr Nurein I felt comfortable and decided to go ahead. The surgery you are awake and at first this was made me very nervous, however, Dr Nurein and his staff are very comforting and made the experience very positive. The surgery itself was not painful, I would say more uncomfortable. I would compare it to the pain/discomfort as simply getting a filling at the dentist. Dr Nuerin made sure I was comfortable and had no pain consistently through the surgery – after 10 minutes into the surgery I became very comfortable and had a few conversions with Dr Nurein. The best part of this surgery was being able to walk straight out after – me and my girlfriend simply went for a coffee and a walk around a local park after the surgery (the local anaesthetic lasts for a few hours after). I experienced some soreness on the night of the surgery and the morning after, but taking painkillers subsided most of this. From the third day I experienced very minimal pain and stopped taking painkillers. If you are worried about being awake during the surgery, please don’t be! it was honestly a positive experience and the fact you can walk straight out with no need for an overnight stay (like you would get if put to sleep) I would now chose local over general for any future surgeries where possible. Post surgery Dr Nurein is easily contactable to answer any questions, you are giving his mobile number that you can ring. I rang a few times after the surgery and he answered every time without fail. This was fantastic and I was very impressed with the effort he provides in after care. My chest has healed very fast and even after 6 days Dr Nurein’s work looks very tidy and I am very happy with the results so far. If you are looking for Gynecomastia surgery in the UK then I would highly recommend Dr Nurein. Hope this helps anyone considering the surgery!

    Adam O'Sullivan (Trustpilot)
  • Really happy with the overall care and attention to detail. Procedure was demanding but attention to the quality of my experience was excellent. Likewise the aftercare has been faultless. Throughly recommend Dr Nurein for your needs

    CDC (Trustpilot)
  • I am just writing to say how pleased I am with the results. I’ve just had the dressings removed so could have a proper look. It’s a big improvement on what I had before! Dr Nurein thank you for everything.

    Zachary (Trustpilot)
  • I suffered from serious gyno condition, which had a negative effect on my well-being ; I travelled far and wide to seek medical intervention ( Poland,Czech republic and Turkey -instabul), the surgeons I met told me that, my condition was really bad and would require – glandular tissue removal,liposuction and skin grafting which would leave me with some serious scarring. Today , am glad I met Dr Nurein, a very thoughtful, and truly amazing surgeon,whose consultation was reassuaring, and the surgery went smoothly,kept on guiding me throughout the process. results – glandular tissues completely removed by incision,plus excessive fats removed by liposuction and no visible scars and more so was able to resume active work in a week. Today my life has changed for the better, my body is manly contoured courtesy of DR NUREIN. SPECIAL THANKS ALSO GOES TO MATHEW PARKER,BLUE,KATE AND THE TWO WONDERFUL NURSES.

    Rashid (Trustpilot)
  • What an amazing experience. I had Gynocomastia for over 2 years and it was taking over my life. I am not a very trusting person and it was a massive step trusting someone for life changing surgery. I got in touch with this company and was referred to Dr Nurein. He was extremely professional and within minutes of talking to him I knew this doctor really knew his stuff and straight away had massive confidence in him. Now 9 months after the surgery I have a perfect result and this operation has changed my life. I would definitely recommend Dr Nurein to anyone if you want the best result money can buy.

    Nick Young (Trustpilot)
  • Dr Hassan is a fantastic surgeon and made me feel very comfortable throughout the operation. Would definitely recommend. Read the review on Trustpilot here.

    Paul (Trustpilot)
  • I had gyno treatment here a few months ago and it went incredibly well. The price was also great, especially for London. To read this review on Trustpilot, click here.

    Daniel (Trustpilot)



Dr nurein is not only an amazing surgeon but also an amazing person! He looked after me from the start until the end! The entire team was incredibly nice and professional, I’ve had no problems whatsoever and I was always reassured on all the questions I’ve had, also let me add that Matthew is an incredibly nice PA, answered all my questions promptly, called me the day before my procedure and the day after and also had follow ups with me on a regular basis! Seriously impressed and happy I chose Dr hassan and not anyone else!

George Agrapidis (Facebook)

I am now 14 weeks post op and am very pleased with the results so far! Dr Hassan Nurein put me at ease and did a great job. Ime still abit sore but the whole process can take up to 6 months

Mark Buckley (Facebook)


I am a 20 year old university student from London. In general, I would describe myself as a confident and healthy individual, however, this can all be nullified if I’m wearing a top that shows off my biggest insecurity. Appearance isn’t everything, but after years of playing sports and looking after my body, I have had enough of this problem that has affected me since I was about 13 years old. As you can see from my before pictures I have a noticeable case of gynecomastia and I believe I was just unlucky in the way it developed. Typically, during puberty, it develops due to the imbalance of hormones in the adolescent body. Unfortunately, when this happened at the age of 13, my enlarged glands never went away. I have been researching the condition through various YouTube videos, blogs and have even spoken to a number of experts in the field; all of which gave me the same advice, which is surgery. It is a big decision financially, but in my opinion, not in any other way as the only way to remove gyno is through surgery. I can assure you that I researched the UK options thoroughly and as soon as I stumbled upon Dr Hassan Nurein’s page I was pleasantly surprised. The competitive pricing coupled with genuine pictures and reviews are what intrigued me initially. Once I made my enquiry I swiftly received a call from the surgeon’s right hand man. Matthew is a top man who keeps everything simple and informative. I got my consultation booked and went to Harley Street to meet Dr Hassan for him to professionally confirm the condition and explain the process of removing it. So far my experience has been perfect. … Couple days after the surgery and it’s all good. More masculine chest and as long as I wear this garment (compression vest) I’m pretty sure I’ll be cool. Going back to get my stitches out soon and I’m sure Dr Nurein will analyse how my recovery is going. Also, Matthew has been on hand to answer any of my questions. Solid overall.

Gunner22 (RealSelf)


Feedback score 10 – Professionalism, aftercare, ease of procedure, availability of finance

M.M. (FollowApp Care)

The whole process was extremely quick and timely. On the day of the surgery Dr Nurein was very helpful in picking up any questions or concerns I had, one week post op things seems to be looking good and relatively pain free! A very positive experience.

P.W. (FollowApp Care)

Professional, formal, informal consultations and very understanding.

Dayam J. (FollowApp Care)

Fantastic at what he does, results are brilliant, surgery was quick and painless.

David (FollowApp Care)

He has done a good job on the surgery. As well as providing helpful aftercare and advice when I’ve needed it.

Robert (FollowApp Care)

He knows what he’s talking about.

Mykael S. (FollowApp Care)

It’s exactly as advertised and the procedures are explained in depth.

P.A. (FollowApp Care)

He was so thorough and explained everything and had the best team

Ben W. (FollowApp Care)

Made me feel very comfortable and at ease before, during and after. Very happy so far 1 week post op.

Chris E. (FollowApp Care)

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