Gynecomastia Treatment

The gynecomastia treatment method depends on the cause, duration, and severity of the condition, as well as the age of the patient.

Step 1 – Identify the cause

To ensure that its gynecomastia that you’re dealing with, and not the side effects of another health condition, first see your GP. After you ruled out any other possible illnesses, seek specialist gynecomastia treatment from a cosmetic surgeon.

Step 2 – Seek specialist and customised treatment

At UK Gynecomastia Clinics, the first consultations are the most important to us. We take every step  necessary to ensure that we have diagnosed your condition correctly and chose a treatment that is suited to your individual needs.

Age & Gynecomastia Treatment

Age is a very important factor in diagnosing gynecomastia and identifying if the condition is temporary or it needs medical intervention.

Adolescents — Puberty and hormonal changes can lead to “man boobs” and “gynecomastia symptoms”. Once the hormone balance, the symptoms usually disappear by themselves.

Most doctors do not recommend gynecomastia treatment for adolescents xxx. Instead, the physician may keep close tabs and keep track of the condition for several months. In the majority of cases, pubertal gynecomastia resolves during that time. However, well-scheduled surgery is available for boys suffering from severe gynecomastia causing serious psychological problems and embarrassment. If you are facing a problem, we are here to solve it.

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Adult men – Gynecomastia among adult men may be caused by particular drugs, herbal products, ART(antiretroviral therapy) and idiopathic causes. UK Gynecomastia sees a lot of patients who have taken anabolic steroids in the past and as a consequence suffer from enlarged breast tissue. Some of these patients come to our clinic after trying anti androgen treatments that have not given the desired result meaning failure to shrink or remove the breast tissue to an accepted level. Obesity may also be a concurrent issue that needs addressing hence a holistic approach is appropriate.

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