Why NHS is not funding Gynecomastia Surgeries

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Why NHS is not funding Gynecomastia Surgeries

Although gynecomastia (male breast) is explained at great length on the NHS website, for treatment, they advise you to seek private care. Under very rare circumstances is gynecomastia treated free of charge under NHS. Here’s and official statement from NHS (updated on 19th May 2016):

“Normally, you’ll need to pay for breast reduction surgery privately. But the NHS may provide this for you if you’ve had gynecomastia for a long time, it has not responded to other treatments, and it’s causing you a lot of distress or pain.”

To give you an idea of how rare these cases are, the last public stats we have are from a Daily Mail article, which shows that in the year 2004 only 61 gynecomastia surgeries were performed in UK under NHS. Only 61….

Private clinics usually have a couple of gynecomastia patients per day.

Why doesn’t NHS fund gynecomastia treatments?

NHS consider male breasts an aesthetic condition, not a medical one, and for that reason, they don’t offer treatment. On their website, they point visitors directly to seeking private care if they suffer from gynecomastia.

How patients feel

In our clinic, we hear countless stories of men of all ages (from young teenagers to adults) that struggled with diagnosing and treating gynecomastia under NHS. Most of them even recall how hard it was in the first place to go to the consultation and show their condition (which is affecting their life and self-esteem), let alone walk out without any better prospects.

For confidentiality reasons, we can’t share our patient stories, but we found some public stories that have been shared online:

Chris B:

On an online forum, Chris, from Derbyshire, tells his story of trying to get treatment for his man boobs under NHS. He says that although his GP was motivated to help him get the surgery, he had no luck with it.

Here’s a screenshot of Chris’s post:

Why NHS is not funding Gynecomastia Surgeries Screen Shot 2017 01 27 at 18


Another story comes from Matt, who writes on a Muscle Talk forum about trying to get gynecomastia treatment under NHS. The process was lengthy, and after being led on for over 6 months that treatment might be available, he was given this final answer:

“I’m sorry but there’s no way you can get this on the NHS”.

Read Matt’s full story here.

How to get private treatment for gynecomastia

The least stressful and most reliable way to get treatment for gynecomastia is to approach a private plastic surgeon directly. You will get a free consultation which will include your diagnosis and a complete breakdown of the treatment and costs involved.

If your health permits it, you could book a consultation and have the procedure in the same month. The gynecomastia surgery lasts about 2 hours and you can return home the same day.

At UK Gynecomastia Clinics, we offer 100% free aftercare and if something is not right with the surgery, we re-do it without any additional costs.

You can find out more about our treatments, procedures, and prices by booking a call with our surgery coordinator here.

Alternatively, you can fill in our pre-consultation form, and speed up the diagnosis process before your first consultation with our gynecomastia surgeon, Dr. Hassan Nurein.



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